terms & conditions

The general terms and conditions of Kuhler & Trooster IMH can be found here


Kühler & Trooster IMH and its employees commit themselves daily to providing maximum quality care to our clients. We take complaints or any other comments about our care and services very seriously. We truly regret if you are dissatisfied with the quality of our service. We view all complaints as an opportunity to improve our services and the care we deliver. Open our complaint procedure here


Kühler & Trooster IMH is an institution recognized by the Dutch government for Specialized Mental Healthcare (SGGZ) and is in possession of the official quality standard (Kwaliteitsstatuut) and the HKZ quality mark. The "kwaliteitsstatuut" provides insight into how Kühler & Trooster IMH gives form and content to quality aspects of care. The official quality standard has been designed on the basis of the national format that was established in consultation between various field parties and was adopted in June 2016 by the Ministery of Health, Welfare and Sport. The "kwaliteitsstatuut" can be found here

Kühler & Trooster IMH is HKZ certified. HKZ stands for Harmonization Quality Assessment in the Healthcare Sector. The HKZ Certificate indicates that Kuhler & Trooster meets predetermined quality standards for the care provided.