our services 

We offer a variety of mental health services in Dutch & English including diagnosis, assessments, treatment and consultations for adolescents (11-18 yrs) and their families. We cover all mental health concerns such as AD(H)D, autism, anxiety, depression, trauma and behavioural problems.  We also commonly deal with families in transition through relocation or separation and the related adjustment difficulties that can arise.  Medical treatment is also available where necessary.

diagnosis & Assessment

The first appointment is an intake where we learn all about the specific mental health concern and determine any necessary assessments that will support the diagnosis. Our broad range of assessments  includes intelligence functioning, attention, memory, behavioural profile and social-emotional profile.  


Based on this multi-disciplinary assessment and diagnosis,  we use a variety of evidence-based therapies such as psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), eye-movement desensitization and processing (EMDR). The treatment plan is based on our global assessment, taking into account your individual preference. 


For general information and conditions related to the clinic, please click here.  

If you have specific questions about the Junior Clinic or would like a list of our tariffs, please contact us on: info@internationalmentalhealth.nl  or +31 (0)85 066 05 00.